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网站分析协会(WAA)认证考试样题 1

1. 以下哪种B2C电子商务网站报告可在访问者进入网站时最准确的识别其访问意图?
a) 热门登陆页
b) 热门反向链接域名
c) 热门搜索引擎
d) 热门搜索短语

1. Which of the following reports for a B2C e-commerce site would most precisely identify visitor intent when entering the web site?
a) Top Entry Pages
b) Top Referring Domains
c) Top Search Engines
d) Top Search Phrases

2. 对网站爬虫活动的分析可获得何种信息?
a) 网站在搜索引擎上的排名
b) 通过搜索引擎浏览网站的访问者的数量
b) 搜索引擎抓取网站数据的频率
c) 付费链接通过搜索引擎被点击的次数

2. What insight can you expect to gain from the analysis of spider activity on your web site?
a) How well your site ranks in search engines
b) How many visitors visit your site from search engines
c) How often search engines crawl your website
d) How many times your paid links are clicked on in search engines

3. 评估在线营销活动的有效性时,应先进行以下哪一步?
a) 收集数据并分析
b) 从利益相关者处获知营销活动的目的
b) 定好转化点或事件
c) 定好KPI

3. Which of the following steps should come first when assessing online marketing campaigns for effectiveness?
a) Collect data for analysis
b) Get objective of campaign from stakeholders
c) Specify conversion event
d) Define key performance indicators

4. 网站要按流览者角色去优化,决定角色的优先次序的最好方式是识别:
a) 最大的商业机会的角色
b) 生成最高的流量的角色
c) 客户需要最不能得到满足角色
c) 距“平均”客户最近的最近的角色

4. The best way to prioritize personas is to identify which of them:
a) Represents the largest business opportunity
b) Generates the highest volume of traffic to your site
c) Has the most under-served set of customer needs
d) Is closest to the “average” customer

5. 当网站分析引入公司以后,前所没有的数据可能引起人们对失败及风险规避,从而不乐意做出任何改变。在以下选项中,最好的应对方式是解释:
a) 把责认指向IT部门,其他部门无需担心
b) 短期内可通过操纵数据隐藏错误
c) 鼓励失败;失败是成功之母,是在不断进取的文化中学习的方式
d) 高举成功的例子

5. The organizational accountability created by web analytics can introduce a fear of
failure, making people risk averse and less willing to change. Of the choices below,
the best way to deal with this fear of failure is to explain that:
a) Accountability will fall on IT so other units have nothing to be concerned about
b) Mistakes will be hidden in the short term by manipulating the data
c) Failure is expected; failure is how people learn in a continuous improvement culture
d) Success will be rewarded through a “Wall of Fame” showing change in KPI’s



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